Thursday, December 23, 2010


Girlsense is a kid friendly girls website with all sorts of fashion.You can pick your friends, visit boutiques, start an auction and even start your own boutique! Your friends can fave your boutique and you can fave thier 's!!They also have games,polls ,groups and you can make your own face!!!! So start now by clicking HERE


To make a boutique, on top of the home page click on something that says,"my boutique". Then whenever you really want to keep decorating or make it different click on it.At the bottom you should see some things about your boutique like, want to know what your boutique is rated thats where it is! That is also where your trophies are and it should say how much items you have purchased and sold and it should say the last time you have edited your blog and how many ................................... on and on!!!


Christmas is here!!!

Christmas decorating just got funner and easier at Sears!!! And you will also find some more fun stuff for christmas!!! Get a wholw box of bows for presents now only 5.50 at Sears. Plus get a high school musical sharpay doll from Target now only 11.38!!A Berwick Offray now only 26.28 at sears! Go to for new prices and gifts for VERY low prices!!!And go to for other ttoys and gifts for the ones you really love!!!!!
merry christmas!!!